Starting at the Entryway you'll first be looking North West through the Dining Room and towards the Family Room in the distance.

Turning North you'll see a corner of the Kitchen and West wall of Living Room

A few steps North towards the Piano, and turning about 45-degrees clockwise, you'll see this view of the Living Room.

Continuing North again, just passing the right side of the piano, you'll encounter these two chairs from the local consignment store and a period lamp from ebay which serve mostly to block the view of the unfinished landscaping on the north side of the Living Room.

The arrangement looks pretty cool at night though. And obviously the cats like it.

Shift a little to your right and then turn counter-clockwise to face West and you'll see the piano against the West wall of the Living Room. You can just make out the pass-through to the Kitchen on the far right.

Another 45-degrees counter-clockwise, and you're facing South West back towards the Dining Room.

Heading back towards the Dining Room.... In this picture you can see a little of the view of the South yard through the windows.

Closer still, you'll see the view South West through the Dining Room windows towards the Master Bedroom.

Turning right, you'll see the view West down the Hall to where it ends in a 90-degree turn to the left, passes the Hall Bathroom, and heads into the Bedroom wing.

Walk West down the hall to the far side of the Dining room and you can look back East into the Entryway. [Living Room From Dining Room] smallimg=lr_from_dr_eve_300X225.jpg largeimg=lr_from_dr_eve_700X525.jpg caption= captioncolor=black bgcolor=white description=A few sideways steps to the right and then turn about 45-degrees counter-clockwise and you can see the view North East into the Living Room.

Turn another 45-degrees counter-clockwise, step forward into the hall, and then look 45-degrees to your left and you'll see the West wall of the Family Room.

Head West down the hall again and turn around 180-degrees and you'll see this view East towards the Living Room and Entryway.

A few steps backwards and turning 45-degrees counter-clockwise, you get this view of the Kitchen.

Now magically transport yourself into the kitchen just in front of the refrigerator and look back to where you were just standing. This is what you'll see.

Hop over the cooktop and turn 90-degrees counter-clockwise and you'll have this view South East through the Kitchen towards the Dining Room.

At the far East end of the Hall, just as it turns towards the Bedroom wing, you'll find the Hall Bathroom.

Another view from inside the Hall Bathroom.

Wait for nightfall, then continue down the Hall past the Bathroom to the Master Bedroom and then look back towards the North East through the window-wall and you'll have this view of the common areas of the house.