Further proof of Jon Eberly's observation that, "The Internet promised us the world, but instead gives us pictures of people's cats."
In June 1998, Sossy and I bought a completely trashed Eichler in Palo Alto. We spent two and a half years doing major renovations before finally moving in in January 2001. We're still a long way from "done", but here's a quick tour of some of the more finished bits. (For fun, see if you can find and identify the cats that got into some of the pictures.)
House in Print
In July 2004, a large Japanese real estate magazine included a couple of photos of our home as part of a feature story they ran on Bay Area Eichlers. Here you'll find scans of the complete article.
An incomplete collection of art photos taken during a family trip in 1976. More to come.
A random collection of recent photos.